Acute chloroquine administration increases renal sodium excretion.

  title={Acute chloroquine administration increases renal sodium excretion.},
  author={Cephas Tagumirwa Musabayane and Chiratidzo Ellen Ndhlovu and Godwin Mamutse and Phillip Taderera Bwititi and Richard John Balment},
  journal={The Journal of tropical medicine and hygiene},
  volume={96 5},
The effect of a 2-hour intravenous chloroquine infusion (0.015, 0.030 and 1.25 micrograms min-1) on renal fluid and electrolyte handling was investigated in the saline infused, Inactin anaesthetized rat. Blood pressure and glomerular filtration rate were not affected by chloroquine administration, remaining around 128 mmHg and 2.4 ml min-1, respectively throughout the 5-hour post-equilibration period. Chloroquine produced an increase in Na+ and Cl- excretion without affecting the urine flow. By… CONTINUE READING