Acute cerebrovascular effects in juvenile coho salmon exposed to roadway runoff

  title={Acute cerebrovascular effects in juvenile coho salmon exposed to roadway runoff},
  author={Stephanie I. Blair and Clyde H. Barlow and Jenifer K. McIntyre},
  journal={Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences},
Urban stormwater is responsible for recurrent mortality events of coho salmon documented in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Currently, the toxic mode of action is unknown, however mortality is often as... 

Urban Roadway Runoff Is Lethal to Juvenile Coho, Steelhead, and Chinook Salmonids, But Not Congeneric Sockeye

We compared the sensitivity of closely related Pacific salmon and steelhead (Oncorhynchus spp.) to untreated urban stormwater runoff across three storm events. Juvenile coho, sockeye, steelhead, and

Treading Water: Tire Wear Particle Leachate Recreates an Urban Runoff Mortality Syndrome in Coho but Not Chum Salmon.

This work characterized the acute response of adult coho and chum salmon to TWP leachate and compared it with that caused by roadway runoff, confirming that environmentally relevant TWP exposures cause acute mortalities of a keystone aquatic species.

Acute Toxicity of the Tire Rubber-Derived Chemical 6PPD-quinone to Four Fishes of Commercial, Cultural, and Ecological Importance

: N -(1,3-Dimethylbutyl)- N ′ -phenyl- p -phenylenedi-amine-quinone (6PPD-quinone), a transformation product of the rubber tire antioxidant 6PPD, has recently been identi fi ed as the chemical

Saving coho salmon: Alternatives for 6PPD in tire manufacturing

This research presents a probabilistic model for estimating the response of the immune system to repeated exposure to carbon dioxide and shows clear patterns of decline in the immune systems of children exposed to carbon monoxide.

Acute Toxicity Testing of the Tire Rubber–Derived Chemical 6PPD‐quinone on Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) and Brown Trout (Salmo trutta)

The acute toxicity of 6PPD‐quinone is investigated in Atlantic salmon and brown trout alevins (sac fry) to provide an important first step in assessing effects of 6 PPD‐ Quinone on these economically and culturally highly important species.