Acute cardiovascular reactions after cigarette smoking.

  title={Acute cardiovascular reactions after cigarette smoking.},
  author={Andreas Koch and Kurt Hoffmann and Warren Steck and Alexander Horsch and N. Hengen and Hubert M{\"o}rl and Job Harenberg and U. Spohr and Eckard Weber},
  volume={35 1},
The effect of cigarette smoking on the cardiovascular system was determined in the following way: Two cigarettes of relatively high (1.54 mg) and very low (0.08 mg) nicotine content were smoked and compared to sham smoking. After inhalation under standardized conditions there was a relatively high increase of the plasma nicotine levels and a subsequent exponential decrease. Two hours after smoking the levels were still elevated. After 2 low nicotine cigarettes there was a significant small… CONTINUE READING

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