Acute bilineal leukemia: a rare disease with poor outcome

  title={Acute bilineal leukemia: a rare disease with poor outcome},
  author={Edward G Weir and Mohammad Ali Ansari-Lari and Denise A. S. Batista and Constance A. Griffin and Stephen Fuller and Bruce D. Smith and Michael J. Borowitz},
Most cases of acute leukemia can be assigned to the myeloid, B or T lineage. In a few cases, definitive assignment cannot be achieved because blasts express antigens of more than one lineage. A subset of these, referred to as acute bilineal leukemias (aBLLs), is characterized by the presence of more than one population of blasts, each comprising a single lineage. We identified 19 cases of aBLL, including 10 mixed T and myeloid (T-My) and nine mixed B and myeloid (B-My); no mixed B and T cases… CONTINUE READING


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