Acute beetroot juice administration improves peak isometric force production in adolescent males.

  title={Acute beetroot juice administration improves peak isometric force production in adolescent males.},
  author={David Bender and Jeremy R. Townsend and William C. Vantrease and Autumn C. Marshall and Ruth N. Henry and Stephen H Heffington and Kent D. Johnson},
  journal={Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism = Physiologie appliquee, nutrition et metabolisme},
  volume={43 8},
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of acute beetroot juice (BR) administration on repeated sprint performance and isometric force production in adolescent males. Twelve male adolescents (age, 16.8 ± 1.0 years; height, 178.8 ± 9.2 cm; mass, 74.8 ± 12.5 kg; peak height velocity, 2.53 ± 1.2 years) participated in this double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover designed study. Participants consumed 2 × 70 mL of BR (∼12.9 mmol NO3-; Beet It Sport) or a nitrate-depleted placebo (PL… 

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Acute supplementation of BJ improved muscular endurance performance in RT and movement concentric velocity and ratings of perceived effort post-training.

The impact of beetroot juice supplementation on muscular endurance, maximal strength and countermovement jump performance

Nitrate supplementation does not improve maximal strength, countermovement jump performance and muscular endurance in healthy, active males.

Effect of Acute Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Bench Press Power, Velocity, and Repetition Volume.

Results indicate that acute BRJ supplementation positively impacts velocity, power, and total repetitions during free-weight bench press exercise.

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Effect of watermelon supplementation on exercise performance, muscle oxygenation, and vessel diameter in resistance-trained men

Short-term watermelon supplementation does not appear to enhance isometric force production, bench press performance, blood vessel diameter, or muscle oxygenation parameters compared to PL in resistance-trained men.

Acute Beet Juice Supplementation Does Not Improve 30- or 60-second Maximal Intensity Performance in Anaerobically Trained Athletes.

Overall, beet juice did not improve maximal intensity performance during 30-s or 60-s cycling sprint tests and does not improve short-duration exercise performance in anaerobically trained athletes.

Effects of Acute Red Spinach Extract Ingestion on Repeated Sprint Performance in Division I NCAA Female Soccer Athletes

Red spinach extract is high in inorganic nitrate/nitrite (NO3/NO2) which has been shown to enhance vascular function, cognition, and physical performance. To date, there have been no investigations

Chronic Beetroot Juice Supplementation Accelerates Recovery Kinetics following Simulated Match Play in Soccer Players

The results of the present study suggest that chronic beetroot juice supplementation reduces post exercise perceived muscle soreness and maintain better performance during the recovery period in soccer players.

Influence of Dietary Nitrate Supplementation on Physical Performance and Body Composition Following Offseason Training in Division I Athletes

It is suggested that daily RSE supplementation had no effect on performance, body composition, or cardiovascular measures in male Division I baseball players following offseason training.

Impact of Red Spinach Extract Supplementation on Bench Press Performance, Muscle Oxygenation, and Cognitive Function in Resistance-Trained Males

It appears that 7 days of RSE supplementation did not alter performance, muscle oxygenation, nor Stroop scores during or following the bench press exercise in resistance-trained males.



The effects of a single dose of concentrated beetroot juice on performance in trained flatwater kayakers.

Despite a reduction in VO2, BR ingestion appears to have no effect on repeated supramaximal sprint or 1 km TT kayaking performance, and a smaller elevation in plasma nitrite following a single dose of nitrate may partly account for these findings.

Beetroot juice supplementation does not improve performance of elite 1500-m runners.

Acute and chronic BR supplementation did not reduce running V˙O2 or improve 1500-m TT performance of a group of elite distance runners, but two responders to BR were identified.

Beetroot Juice Supplementation Improves High-Intensity Intermittent Type Exercise Performance in Trained Soccer Players

Six days of BR ingestion effectively improves high-intensity intermittent type exercise performance in trained soccer players.

A single dose of beetroot juice enhances cycling performance in simulated altitude.

A single dose of BR lowered V˙O2 during submaximal exercise and enhanced TT performance of trained cyclists in normobaric hypoxia and ingestion of BR may be a practical and effective ergogenic aid for endurance exercise at altitude.

Dietary nitrate supplementation improves sprint and high-intensity intermittent running performance.

Beetroot juice supplementation speeds O2 uptake kinetics and improves exercise tolerance during severe-intensity exercise initiated from an elevated metabolic rate.

Dietary supplementation with NO3(-)-rich BR juice speeds VO2 kinetics and enhances exercise tolerance during severe-intensity exercise when initiated from an elevated metabolic rate.

Beetroot juice and exercise: pharmacodynamic and dose-response relationships.

There is no additional improvement in exercise tolerance after ingesting BR containing 16.8 compared with 8.4 mmol NO3(-).

Dietary nitrate supplementation enhances muscle contractile efficiency during knee-extensor exercise in humans.

The reduced O(2) cost of exercise following dietary NO(3)(-) supplementation appears to be due to a reduced ATP cost of muscle force production.

The Effects of Nitrate-Rich Supplementation on Neuromuscular Efficiency during Heavy Resistance Exercise

Objective: Nitrate-rich (NR) supplements can enhance exercise performance by improving neuromuscular function and the aerobic cost of exercise. However, little is known about the effects of nitrate