Acute aortic syndrome: a 'last glance' before incision.

  title={Acute aortic syndrome: a 'last glance' before incision.},
  author={Guillaume Lebreton and P Y Litzler and Jean-Paul Bessou and Fabien Doguet},
  journal={Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery},
  volume={11 3},
Acute aortic syndrome (AAS) (aortic dissection, intramural aortic haematoma, or penetrating atherosclerotic ulcer) is a surgical emergency. Computed tomography (CT) is the reference technique for the diagnosis of this critical situation. However, a few reports of false-positive images leading to unnecessary interventions have been published. It is important to recognize and understand the pitfalls in the CT diagnosis of AAS. We describe the case of a 76-year-old man with clinical signs of AAS… CONTINUE READING

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