Acute and post-traumatic stress disorder after spontaneous abortion.

  title={Acute and post-traumatic stress disorder after spontaneous abortion.},
  author={Stephen V. Bowles and L. Chamberlain James and Diane S Solursh and Michael K. Yancey and Ted D Epperly and Raymond A. Folen and Milena Masone},
  journal={American family physician},
  volume={61 6},
When a spontaneous abortion is followed by complicated bereavement, the primary care physician may not consider the diagnosis of acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. The major difference between these two conditions is that, in acute stress disorder, symptoms such as dissociation, reliving the trauma, avoiding stimuli associated with the trauma and increased arousal are present for at least two days but not longer than four weeks. When the symptoms persist beyond four weeks… CONTINUE READING