Acute and delayed cerebral infarction after wasp sting anaphylaxis.

  title={Acute and delayed cerebral infarction after wasp sting anaphylaxis.},
  author={Jack E. Riggs and Leena M Ketonen and James P. Wymer and Richard L. Barbano and Leena K Valanne and John B. Bodensteiner},
  journal={Clinical neuropharmacology},
  volume={17 4},
A 52-year-old man developed a severe anaphylactic reaction after a wasp sting. Slurred speech and left hemiparesis were noted a few hours later. Three-and-one-half weeks later, he became acutely obtunded and quadriparetic. Angiographic studies demonstrated complete and near-complete occlusions of the right and left internal carotid arteries, respectively. A mechanism is suggested for delayed ischemic stroke after wasp sting anaphylaxis that involves cerebrovascular sympathetic innervation. 


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