Acute and chronic stability of atrial screw-in leads.

  title={Acute and chronic stability of atrial screw-in leads.},
  author={Yuji Nakazato and Yasuro Nakata and Yohei Ohno and Masataka Sumiyoshi and H. Hisaoka and Shinji Ogura and Hiroaki Yamaguchi and N Hazato},
  journal={Japanese circulation journal},
  volume={55 7},
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the acute and chronic stability of the atrial screw-in lead. In this study, we used CPI model 4165, 4166, and 4266 porous tip screw-in leads in 32 patients (12 for AAI pacing and 20 for DDD pacing). All of these leads were fixed to the free wall of the right atrium and used as the unipolar type. Acute voltage and current thresholds, lead impedance, P-wave amplitude, and chronic threshold were measured. Early and late complications were also investigated… CONTINUE READING