Acute and chronic effects of hypoxia on the developing hippocampus.

  title={Acute and chronic effects of hypoxia on the developing hippocampus.},
  author={Jeremy Owens and Carol A. Robbins and H. J{\"u}rgen Wenzel and Philip A. Schwartzkroin},
  journal={Annals of neurology},
  volume={41 2},
Perinatal hypoxia is associated with both seizures arising acutely and the subsequent development of temporal lobe epilepsy (as determined retrospectively). We therefore attempted to identify acute and chronic morphological and/or electrophysiological hippocampal pathologies associated with experimentally induced hypoxia in immature rats. Pups were exposed to 15 minutes of hypoxia on 3 successive days (starting on postnatal day 8; P8), or to 60 minutes of hypoxia on P10 with either one or… CONTINUE READING

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