Acute and adaptive responses in humans to exercise in a warm, humid environment

  title={Acute and adaptive responses in humans to exercise in a warm, humid environment},
  author={Bodil Nielsen and S\oren Strange and N. J. Christensen and J\orgen Warberg and Bengt Saltin},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}gers Archiv},
 Acute and repeated exposure for 8–13 consecutive days to exercise in humid heat was studied. Twelve fit subjects exercised at 150 W [45% of maximum O2 uptake (V.O2,max)] in ambient conditions of 35°C and 87% relative humidity which resulted in exhaustion after 45 min. Average core temperature reached 39.9 ± 0.1°C, mean skin temperature (T– sk) was 37.9 ± 0.1°C and heart rate (HR) 152 ± 6 beats min–1 at this stage. No effect of the increasing core temperature was seen on cardiac output and leg… CONTINUE READING


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