Acute alcohol use and suicidal behavior: a review of the literature.

  title={Acute alcohol use and suicidal behavior: a review of the literature.},
  author={Cheryl J Cherpitel and Guilherme Luiz Guimaraes Borges and Holly C Wilcox},
  journal={Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research},
  volume={28 5 Suppl},
BACKGROUND Both acute and chronic use of alcohol are associated with suicidal behavior. However, the differing relationship of each component of alcohol use and possible causal mechanisms remain unclear. METHODS This article reviews and summarizes associations between acute alcohol consumption (with and without intoxication) and suicidal behavior (both completed suicide and suicide attempts) among adults 19 years and older, as presented in literature published between 1991 and 2001. Possible… CONTINUE READING

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