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Acute Toxicity of Guadipyr to Non-target Organisms

  title={Acute Toxicity of Guadipyr to Non-target Organisms},
  author={Liu Dongzhi and Wang Kai and Xu Li and Chai Tingting and Cui Feng and Qiu Lihong and Zheng Ming-qi and Qin Zhao-hai and Wang Chengju},
Design and synthesis of novel hydrocarbylidene nitrohydrazinecarboximidamides against aphids based on natural product galegine
Structural–activity relationship and 3D-QSAR analyses indicate that the introduction of fluorine atom is useful for increasing the insecticidal activity of target compounds.
Design, synthesis and insecticidal activity of novel hydrocarbylidene nitrohydrazinecarboximidamides.
Structural-activity relationship analysis indicated that a suitable flexible alkyl chain at the imine point and a Cl-substituted pyridine ring are the most crucial factors affecting the activity.