Acupuncture in treatment of facial muscular pain.

  title={Acupuncture in treatment of facial muscular pain.},
  author={{\AA}sa Katarina Johansson and Bengt Wenneberg and C Wagersten and T Haraldson},
  journal={Acta odontologica Scandinavica},
  volume={49 3},
Forty-five individuals with long-standing facial pain or headache of muscular origin were randomly allocated into three groups. The first group was treated with acupuncture, the second group received an occlusal splint, and the third group served as controls. Both acupuncture and occlusal splint therapy significantly reduced subjective symptoms and clinical signs from the stomatognathic system. No differences between these two groups were found with regard to treatment effects. It is concluded… CONTINUE READING


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