Acuity, luminance, and monocular deprivation in the cat

  title={Acuity, luminance, and monocular deprivation in the cat},
  author={Michael S. Loop and Elizabeth C. Smyly and Claire Millican and Carla F. Greifer},
  journal={Behavioural Brain Research},
Visual acuity was determined for both eyes of long-term monocular-deprived cats over a wide luminance range. The influence of luminance on the rate of pattern vision recovery was also examined. Unlike strabismic humans and cats, the acuity deficit of monocularly deprived cats is not luminance dependent. This acuity is much worse at all luminance levels in the deprived eye. Likewise, initial testing of the deprived eye at low luminance levels does not facilitate recovery of pattern vision… CONTINUE READING

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