Activity of neurons in the caudate and putamen during a visuomotor task.

  title={Activity of neurons in the caudate and putamen during a visuomotor task.},
  author={Maria Del Carmen Romero and Mar{\'i}a {\'A}ngeles Berm{\'u}dez and Ana Filipa dos Reis Baltazar Vicente and Rogelio Perez and Francisco Torres Gonz{\'a}lez},
  volume={19 11},
Evidence supporting a role of the caudate and putamen nuclei in associative learning is present. We recorded the activity of 21 caudate and 26 putamen cells in one macaque monkey while performing a visuomotor task, which involved a visual stimulus and the execution of a motor response. Ninety-one percent of caudate cells and 65% of putamen cells showed changes in activity while the monkey was performing the task. Approximately half of the caudate cells and one third of the putamen cells showed… CONTINUE READING

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