Activity-Dependent Tuning of Inhibitory Neurotransmission Based on GABAAR Diffusion Dynamics

  title={Activity-Dependent Tuning of Inhibitory Neurotransmission Based on GABAAR Diffusion Dynamics},
  author={H. Bannai and S. L{\'e}vi and C. Schweizer and T. Inoue and T. Launey and Victor Racine and J. Sibarita and K. Mikoshiba and A. Triller},
  • H. Bannai, S. Lévi, +6 authors A. Triller
  • Published 2009
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Neuron
  • An activity-dependent change in synaptic efficacy is a central tenet in learning, memory, and pathological states of neuronal excitability. The lateral diffusion dynamics of neurotransmitter receptors are one of the important parameters regulating synaptic efficacy. We report here that neuronal activity modifies diffusion properties of type-A GABA receptors (GABA(A)R) in cultured hippocampal neurons: enhanced excitatory synaptic activity decreases the cluster size of GABA(A)Rs and reduces… CONTINUE READING
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