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Activities of Indian Freedom Revolutionaries and the Rising Sun

  title={Activities of Indian Freedom Revolutionaries and the Rising Sun},
  author={Pallavi Bhatte},


Burma to Japan with Azad Hind: A War Memoir 1941–1945
'It all started on 7 December 1941, when Japan unleashed its surprise attack on a place called Pearl Harbor. To think that something that was happening a thousand miles away would affect the lives ofExpand
India’s Biggest Cover-Up
  • New Delhi: Vitasta Pubublishing,
  • 2012
Subhas Chandra Bose in Nazi Germany: Politics, Intelligence and Propaganda 1941–43
These case studies reveal how complex dynamics form when old tensions and new opportunities converge. Part three focuses on securitisation and the evolving security terrain in Africa. For Cyril I.Expand
The British Left and India
Against the Raj: A Biography of Indian Nationalists
  • Gou Toshi, ed. The Assembly of Greater East-Asiatic Nations,
  • 1998
Subaltern studies ... : writings on South Asian history and society
The essays in this volume describe not only the historical practices of the dominated, but also demonstrates the centrality of the subaltern perspective in understanding dominant formations andExpand