Activist or terrorist? Negotiating discourses of eco-terror in If a Tree Falls

  title={Activist or terrorist? Negotiating discourses of eco-terror in If a Tree Falls},
  author={Jade Olson},
  journal={Applied Environmental Education \& Communication},
  pages={57 - 66}
  • J. Olson
  • Published 6 October 2017
  • Art
  • Applied Environmental Education & Communication
ABSTRACT Environmentalist voices like the Earth Liberation Front have been labeled “eco-terrorists.” The 2011 documentary film If a Tree Falls explores how “eco-terrorism” troubles the unstable border between activism and terrorism. This essay offers a textual analysis of the film's negotiation of the activism/terrorism dichotomy, arguing that it both destabilizes and reifies dominant paradigms for understanding eco-revolutionary activism as environmental communication. I suggest that the film… 

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