Actividad fasciolicida in vitro de Portulaca oleracea L

  title={Actividad fasciolicida in vitro de Portulaca oleracea L},
  author={Marialina Romero Jim{\'e}nez and Ervelio Olaz{\'a}bal Manso and Yusnel Mart{\'i}nez and H{\'e}ctor Serrano and Alcides Morales Monteagudo},
SUMMARY. “ Fasciolicide activity in vitro of Portulaca oleracea L.” . The fasciolosis is a parasitic illness distributed worldwide, causing multiple physiologic dysfunctions that can commit the life, so much of the man as of the animals, and big economic losses that go from the seizure of animals infested livers until decrease of weight, delay of growth, reduction of meat production, milk or wool, descent of resistance to other illnesses, inhibition of reproduction, abortions and even death… CONTINUE READING


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