Actively Servoed Multi-Axis Microforce Sensors

  title={Actively Servoed Multi-Axis Microforce Sensors},
  author={Yu Sun and David P. Potasek and Damrongrit Piyabongkarn and Rajesh Rajamani and Bradley J. Nelson},
sors capable of resolving forces up to 490pN with a resolution of O.OlpN in z, and up to 900pN with a resolution of 0.24~N in I, in the oassive mode, Electrostatic microactuators are microsc~py (AFM) techniques, mere are four limitations restricting AFM use in cellular force measurement during .~~ inkgrated to the force t, operate in manipulation. First, different types of end-effectors such as servoed mode, in which system stiffness is modulated using microneedles are difficult, if possible… CONTINUE READING
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