Active vorticity control in a shear flow using a 23 flapping foil

  title={Active vorticity control in a shear flow using a 23 flapping foil},
  author={By R. GOPALKRISHNAN and Michael S. Triantafyllou and S. TRIANTAFYLLOU and Dave A Barrett},
It is shown experimentally that free shear flows can be substantially altered through 134) > t direct control of the large coherent vortices present in the flow. First, flow-visualization experiments are conducted in Kalliroscope fluid at Reynolds number 550. A foil is placed in the wake of a D-section cylinder, sufficiently far behind 160" the cylinder so that it does not interfere with the vortex formation process. The foil 32 a performs a heaving and pitching oscillation at a frequency close… CONTINUE READING
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