Active surfactant in pharyngeal aspirates of term neonates: lipid biochemistry and surface tension function

  title={Active surfactant in pharyngeal aspirates of term neonates: lipid biochemistry and surface tension function},
  author={C. Poets and A. Arning and W. Bernhard and C. Acevedo and H. von der Hardt},
  journal={European Journal of Clinical Investigation},
Alveolar surfactant is well known for its ability to reduce minimal surface tension at the alveolar air–liquid interface to values below 5 mN m−1. In addition, it has been suggested that surfactant is also present in the airways, particularly in the perinatal period. We isolated surfactant from pharyngeal aspirates obtained from 33 neonates immediately after delivery and analysed it for both phospholipid (PL) composition and surface tension function. PL classes and phosphatidylcholine (PC… Expand
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