Active repression and E2F inhibition by pRB are biochemically distinguishable.

  title={Active repression and E2F inhibition by pRB are biochemically distinguishable.},
  author={John F Ross and Anders M. N{\"a}{\"a}r and Hieu Cam and R P Gregory and Brian D. Dynlacht},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={15 4},
To understand mechanistically how pRB represses transcription, we used a reconstituted transcription assay and compared pRB activity on naked versus chromatin templates. Surprisingly, when pRB was directly recruited to a naked template, no transcriptional repression was observed. However, we observed active repression when the same promoter was assembled into chromatin. Histone deacetylases do not appear to play a role in this observed repression. Further experiments showed repression could… CONTINUE READING

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