Active phase labor arrest: revisiting the 2-hour minimum.

  title={Active phase labor arrest: revisiting the 2-hour minimum.},
  author={Dwight J. Rouse and John Owen and Karen Savage and John C. Hauth},
  journal={Obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={98 4},
OBJECTIVE To generate contemporary uterine activity and labor progress data for oxytocin-augmented labor, and assess whether 2 hours of active phase labor arrest with at least 200 Montevideo units justifies cesarean delivery. METHODS Five hundred and one consecutive spontaneously laboring term women with abnormally progressive labor were managed by a standardized protocol: oxytocin and intrauterine pressure catheter with an intent to sustain at least 200 Montevideo units for 4 hours or more… CONTINUE READING
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