Active oxygens generation by flavonoids.

  title={Active oxygens generation by flavonoids.},
  author={Yoko Miura and I. N. Tomita and Tetsushi Watanabe and Teruhisa Hirayama and Saburo Fukui},
  journal={Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={21 2},
The hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-generating effects of 14 flavonoids were investigated. Seven out of 14 flavonoids tested were found to generate H2O2 in an acetate buffer of pH 7.4. The H2O2-generating abilities of flavonoids decrease in the order of myricetin > baicalein > quercetin > (-)-epicatechin > (+)-catechin > fisetin = 7,8-dihydroxy flavone. This ability was observed in flavonoids with either a pyrogallol or catechol structure, and the pyrogallol-type flavonoids generated more H2O2 than… CONTINUE READING


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