Active-matrix OLED using 150°C a-Si TFT backplane built on flexible plastic substrate

  title={Active-matrix OLED using 150°C a-Si TFT backplane built on flexible plastic substrate},
  author={Kalluri R. Sarma and Charles S. Chanley and Sonia R. Dodd and Jared Roush and John F. L. Schmidt and Gordana Srdanov and Matthew Stevenson and Ralf Wessel and Jeffrey Glenn Innocenzo and Gang Yu and M. B. O'regan and William A. Macdonald and Robert William Eveson and Ke Long and Helena Gleskova and Sigurd Wagner and James C. Sturm},
  booktitle={SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing},
Flexible displays fabricated using plastic substrates have a potential for being very thin, light weight, highly rugged with greatly minimized propensity for breakage, roll-to-roll manufacturing and lower cost. The emerging OLED display media offers the advantage of being a solid state and rugged structure for flexible displays in addition to the many potential advantages of an AM OLED over the currently dominant AM LCD. The current high level of interest in flexible displays is facilitating… Expand
Flexible Displays: TFT Technology: Substrate Options and TFT Processing Strategies
  • K. Sarma
  • Computer Science, Materials Science
  • Handbook of Visual Display Technology
  • 2012
This chapter discusses the flexible substrate options and TFT processing strategies for fabricating flexible backplanes and flexible displays using a various display media. Expand
Latest advances in substrates for flexible electronics
Abstract— Recent advances in both organic- and inorganic-based electronics processed on flexible substrates offer substantial rewards in terms of being able to develop displays that are thinner,Expand
Low‐temperature amorphous‐silicon backplane technology development for flexible displays in a manufacturing pilot‐line environment
— A low-temperature amorphous-silicon (a-Si:H) thin-film-transistor (TFT) backplane technology for high-information-content flexible displays has been developed. Backplanes were integrated withExpand
Application of Flexible OLED Display Technology for Electro-Optical Stimulation and/or Silencing of Neural Activity
This paper presents a new biophotonic application for large-area, high-resolution, flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display technology currently used to manufacture low-cost colorExpand
A Roll-to-Roll Photolithography Process for Establishing Accurate Multilayer Registration on Large Area Flexible Films
Roll-to-roll (R2R) flexible electronics manufacturing techniques may eventually provide a solution for continuous production of high quality flexible display devices at a significant cost reduction.Expand
Nanofabrication down to 10 nm on a plastic substrate
In this work, we proved the feasibility of nanofabrication down to 10 nm on a plastic substrate with varied fabrication techniques. Durable polyimide sheets (25–200 μm thick), commercially availableExpand
Precision overlay registration of micron sized features on unsupported flexible films
Roll-to-roll (R2R) flexible electronics manufacturing techniques may eventually provide a solution for continuous production of high quality flexible electronics devices at a significant costExpand
Ultra thin film encapsulation of OLED on plastic substrate
Abstract Fabrications of barrier layer on a polyethersulfon (PES) film and OLED based on a plastic substrate by atomic layer deposition (ALD) have been carried out. Simultaneous deposition of 30 nmExpand
64.2: Full Color 100 dpi AMOLED Displays on Flexible Stainless Steel Substrates
We demonstrate full color, top emission, active matrix OLED displays on flexible stainless steel substrates. The 100 dpi QVGA displays are driven by LTPS TFT backplane with excimer laser annealedExpand
Thin Film Solar Cells on Transparent Plastic Foils
The focus of this thesis is on the optimization and fabrication of p-i-n amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) solar cells both on glass and transparent plastic substrates. These solar cells are specificallyExpand


Prospects for development of AM OLEDs for cockpit display applications
  • K. Sarma
  • Engineering
  • SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
  • 2002
Organic light emitting diode (OLED) display is an emerging flat panel display technology, with initial products such as passive matrix addressed displays for cell phones and automobile audio systemsExpand
Enabling technologies for plastic displays
This paper demonstrates the state of critical technologies for the integration of Thin Film Transistors (TFTs) onto plastic substrates for display applications. The transistor technologies examinedExpand
a-Si:H TFTs made on polyimide foil by PE-CVD at 150 °C
We have fabricated high-performance amorphous silicon thin-film transistors (a-Si:H TFTs) on 2 mil. (51 μm) thick polyimide foil substrates. The TFT structure was deposited by r.f.-excited plasmaExpand
[36.2]Low Temperature Poly-Si TFTs on Plastic Substrate Using Surface Free Technology by Laser Ablation/Annealing(SUFTLA^ )(【興味深かった発表】)(Society for Information Display 2000 Report)
A novel technology that makes it possible to transfer thin film devices from an original substrate to another by using laser ablation/annealing has been investigated. Low-temperature poly-Si TFTsExpand
Extended Abstracts
Tummala & Sathe used incorrect concepts in investi-gating properties of estimators and drew incorrect conclusions.
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