Active Power Management of Multihybrid Fuel Cell/Supercapacitor Power Conversion System in a Medium Voltage Microgrid

  title={Active Power Management of Multihybrid Fuel Cell/Supercapacitor Power Conversion System in a Medium Voltage Microgrid},
  author={Amin Ghazanfari and Mohsen Hamzeh and Hossein Mokhtari and Houshang Karimi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid},
This paper proposes a hierarchical active power management strategy for a medium voltage (MV) islanded microgrid including a multihybrid power conversion system (MHPCS). To guarantee excellent power management, a modular power conversion system is realized by parallel connection of small MHPCS units. The hybrid system includes fuel cells (FC) as main and supercapacitors (SC) as complementary power sources. The SC energy storage compensates the slow transient response of the FC stack and… Expand
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