Active Poliovirus Baked From Scratch

  title={Active Poliovirus Baked From Scratch},
  author={Jennifer Couzin},
  pages={174 - 175}
  • J. Couzin
  • Published 12 July 2002
  • Biology
  • Science
With mail-order DNA and more than 2 years of painstaking work, researchers for the first time have assembled a virus from its chemical code. The lab-built poliovirus, described online this week by Science , killed mice and was almost indistinguishable from the original. Biologists disagree on how difficult it would be to construct far bulkier viruses such as smallpox to create bioweapons. 

The promise and perils of synthetic biology.

Drawing upon a set of powerful techniques for the automated synthesis of DNA molecules and their assembly into genes and microbial genomes, synthetic biology envisions the redesign of natural biological systems for greater efficiency, as well as the construction of functional "genetic circuits" and metabolic pathways for practical purposes.

Rethinking Smallpox

Two defenses against a vaccine-resistant, engineered variola virus are proposed for consideration and Methisazone, an overlooked drug, is reported to be effective for prophylaxis only.

Advances in Synthetic Biology and Biosafety Governance

It is crucial to scrutinize the control measures put in place to ensure appropriate use, promote the development of synthetic biology, and strengthen the governance of pathogen-related research, although the true origin of coronavirus remains hotly debated and unresolved.

Recent Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities in Synthetic Genomes

The chapter highlights the recent progress, challenges, opportunities, and opportunities for accelerating synthetic genomics toward biomedical, therapeutic, and industrial applications.

Marine metagenomics as a source for bioprospecting.

Liberty to Decide on Dual Use Biomedical Research: An Acknowledged Necessity

Biomedical research should be supported, conducted and published with appropriate measures to prevent potential “dual use”, and national science consulting boards of experts should be created to prepare guidelines and control the problem at state level.

Protecting America's Secrets While Maintaining Academic Freedom

  • B. A. Keel
  • Education
    Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
  • 2004
The author reflects upon recent events that have had a real or perceived impact on academic freedom and offers some suggestions as to how academia might achieve a proper balance between protecting national security while promoting and maintaining academic freedom.

Ethical and Philosophical Consideration of the Dual-use Dilemma in the Biological Sciences

A taxonomy of types of “experiments of concern” in the biological sciences is constructed, and thereby map the terrain of ethical risk, including the impermissibility of certain kinds of research and possible restrictions on dissemination of research results given the risks to health and security.


Today's learning strategies based on life skills, transversal and professional competences, are some of the modern forms of education, which can flexibly respond to the historical moment faced by the


REPORTS: Chemical Synthesis of Poliovirus cDNA: Generation of Infectious Virus in the Absence of Natural Template Jeronimo Cello

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