Active Performance Measurement for IP over All-Optical Networks


It is predicted that networks in the near future will consist mostly of optical components in order to satisfy growing demands for bandwidth. Although the model of a global all-optical network is not clear in details yet, many researchers are certain that a shift of communication paradigm is to take place. In the world of electric networks, the concept of active measurement is very well established and is proved to be quite successful for realtime monitoring of network performance. All- optical networks will require a different approach to active performance measurement. The details of a measurement model applicable to optical networks and its differences from traditional measurement are the main subjects of this paper.

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@article{Zhanikeev2006ActivePM, title={Active Performance Measurement for IP over All-Optical Networks}, author={Marat Zhanikeev and Sugang Xu and Y. Tanaka}, journal={2006 2nd IEEE/IFIP International Conference in Central Asia on Internet}, year={2006}, pages={1-5} }