Active Oceanic Spreading in the Northern North Fiji Basin : Results of the NOFI Cruise of RN L ' Atalante ( Newstarmer Project )

  title={Active Oceanic Spreading in the Northern North Fiji Basin : Results of the NOFI Cruise of RN L ' Atalante ( Newstarmer Project )},
  author={' MANABUTANAHASHI and G Buffet and ' GIOVANNIdeALTERIIS and JEAN GOSLIN ' JER{\^O}ME DYMENT' and ' EULALIAGdCIA-MONT and Philip Jarvis and ' MASATOJOSHIMA and ' ANNE-MARIEKARPOFF and Takeshi Matsumoto and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Ondr{\'e}as and BERNARD PELLETERIO}


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