Active Leg Exoskeleton (ALEX) for Gait Rehabilitation of Motor-Impaired Patients

  title={Active Leg Exoskeleton (ALEX) for Gait Rehabilitation of Motor-Impaired Patients},
  author={S. K. Banala and S. K. Agrawal and J. P. Scholz},
  journal={2007 IEEE 10th International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics},
This paper describes the design and human machine interface of an Active Leg EXoskeleton (ALEX) for gait rehabilitation of patients with walking disabilities. The paper proposes force-field controller which can apply suitable forces on the leg to help it move on a desired trajectory. The interaction forces between the subject and the orthosis are designed to be 'assist-as-needed' for safe and effective gait training. Simulations and experimental results with the force-field controller are… CONTINUE READING
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