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Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We're in without Going Crazy

  title={Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We're in without Going Crazy},
  author={Joanna Rogers Macy and Chris Johnstone},
Contemplating educations of ecological well-becoming, with gratitude to (Mother) Earth, wildlife, and women
Abstract Given ecological atrocities and widespread ill mental health among humans, this article contemplates possibilities for educations of ecological well-becoming. It introduces contemplative,
Transition Discourse, Food, and Computing within Limits
The limits workshop series is a transition system, which shapes the work of activists, educators, and researchers. It does so, in part, by the development of language and tools and by catalyzing
Learning to teach in unfamiliar lands : a wandering educator's autoethnography on the influence of place
Using reflexive narrative autoethnography, I explored the influence of living and teaching in unfamiliar places on ecologically-minded teachers. I collected data through personal reflections and
Workshop on Climate Change Based on the Work of Macy, and Informed by the Satir Model
Impacts of climate change have become as much a psychological problem as an ecological one. When I started the article in 2016, books and articles were commenting on the conspiracy of silence around
Activating Hope in the Midst of Crisis
Joanna Macy’s “Work that Reconnects” (WTR) is a transformative learning process that endeavors to help participants acknowledge, experience, and understand the emotions that may either empower or
Wild Things: Stories, Transition, and the Sacred in Ecological Social Movements
This article examines the role of stories in ecological activism. It first situates stories inside object ecologies, encompassing relationships of reliance, care, and maintenance of things. It
Rare or Well Done? A Waitress Wonders How to Best Serve Environmental Education
Environmental education (EE) promises to facilitate the transformation of attitudes and behavior on a broad scale. Yet the field has not fulfilled its potential. This article takes an


This book is a good resource for guided meditations and other group exercises
  • 1998