Activation signals of T lymphocytes in microgravity.

  title={Activation signals of T lymphocytes in microgravity.},
  author={Proto Pippia and L Sciola and Marianne Cogoli-Greuter and Maria Antonia Meloni and Alessandra Spano and Augusto Cogoli},
  journal={Journal of biotechnology},
  volume={47 2-3},
Human peripheral blood lymphocytes and monocytes were activated with concanavalin A with or without exogenous recombinant interleukin 1 (IL-1) alone or IL-1 + interleukin 2 (IL-2) under microgravity conditions to test the hypothesis that lack of production of IL-1 by monocytes is the cause of the near total loss of activation observed earlier on several Spacelab flights. The 60 min failure of the on-board 1 x g reference centrifuge at the time of the addition of the activator renders the in… CONTINUE READING
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