Activation of the type I interferon system in primary Sjögren's syndrome: a possible etiopathogenic mechanism.

  title={Activation of the type I interferon system in primary Sj{\"o}gren's syndrome: a possible etiopathogenic mechanism.},
  author={Ullvi B{\aa}ve and Gunnel Nordmark and Tanja L{\"o}vgren and Johan R{\"o}nnelid and Stefan Cajander and M L Eloranta and Gunnar V. Alm and Lars R{\"o}nnblom},
  journal={Arthritis and rheumatism},
  volume={52 4},
OBJECTIVE The etiopathogenesis of primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS) is largely unknown. In other autoimmune diseases, type I interferon (IFN) may play a pivotal role by triggering and sustaining the disease process. We therefore aimed to determine whether patients with primary SS had an activated type I IFN system. METHODS Salivary gland biopsy specimens and sera from patients with primary SS were investigated for the occurrence of IFNalpha-producing cells and measurable IFNalpha levels… CONTINUE READING


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