Activation of myogenesis by the homeobox gene Lbx1 requires cell proliferation.

  title={Activation of myogenesis by the homeobox gene Lbx1 requires cell proliferation.},
  author={Detlev Mennerich and Thomas Braun},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={20 24},
Myogenic differentiation can be initiated by a limited number of molecules. In this work, we analyzed the function of the homeobox gene Lbx1 in chicken embryos and explant cultures. We demonstrate that overexpression of Lbx1 in vivo and in vitro leads to a strong activation of various muscle markers. We show that cell proliferation, which is strongly stimulated by Lbx1 and Pax3, is required for Lbx1- or Pax3-dependent myogenic activation. Inhibition of cell proliferation prevents expression of… CONTINUE READING

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