Activation of latent transgenes in Arabidopsis using a hybrid transcription factor.

  title={Activation of latent transgenes in Arabidopsis using a hybrid transcription factor.},
  author={David Guyer and Ann Tuttle and Scott Rouse and Sandra L Volrath and M. Johnson and Sharon Potter and J{\"o}rn G{\"o}rlach and Stephen P Goff and Lyle D. Crossland and Elaina Ward},
  volume={149 2},
A hybrid transcription factor comprising a fusion of the DNA-binding domain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae GAL4 and the transcription activation domain of maize C1 was expressed in stably transformed Arabidopsis. Additional transgenic lines were created containing test genes controlled by a synthetic promoter consisting of concatemeric copies of the cis-acting site recognized by GAL4 (UASG) fused to a minimal promoter. The GAL4/C1 effector line was crossed to two lines containing a synthetic… CONTINUE READING
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