Activation of isocyanate ligands in Ru25+ complexes

  title={Activation of isocyanate ligands in Ru25+ complexes},
  author={Mar{\'i}a del Carmen Barral and Santiago Montero Herrero and Reyes Jim{\'e}nez-Aparicio and Jos{\'e} Luis Ortega Priego and Mar{\'i}a del Rosario Torres and Francisco A. Urbanos Urbanos},
Abstract The reaction of [Ru 2 (O 2 CMe)(DPhF) 3 (H 2 O)]BF 4  · 0.5CH 2 Cl 2 (DphF N , N ′-diphenylformidinate) with sodium cyanate leads to the substitution of the H 2 O ligand giving Ru 2 (NCO)(O 2 CMe)(DPhF) 3 ( 1 ). In contrast, in the similar reaction of Ru 2 Cl 2 (DPhF) 3 with NaOCN one of the cyanate groups undergoes the addition of a MeOH molecule leading to the carbamate complex Ru 2 (NCO)(NH(O)COMe)(DPhF) 3 ( 2 ). The spectroscopic properties of 1 and 2 are studied. Both complexes… CONTINUE READING