Activation of human peripheral monocytes by angiotensin II.

  title={Activation of human peripheral monocytes by angiotensin II.},
  author={Andrew W. Hahn and Uwe Jonas and Fritz R. B{\"u}hler and Th{\'e}rese J. Resink},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={347 2-3},
This study has investigated the ability of the vasoconstrictor peptide angiotensin II to activate human peripheral blood monocytes. Activation was monitored by measuring both the release of tumor necrosis factor alpha from monocytes and their adhesion to monolayers of human endothelial cells. Angiotensin II-elicited activation of monocytes was dose-dependent (half-maximally effective concentration approximately 0.2 nM), saturable (maximally effective concentration approximately 5 nM), and… CONTINUE READING


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