Activation of human colon mast cells through proteinase activated receptor-2.

  title={Activation of human colon mast cells through proteinase activated receptor-2.},
  author={Shaoheng He and Yong-song He and Hua Xie},
  journal={World journal of gastroenterology},
  volume={10 3},
AIM To investigate the ability of agonists of PAR-2 to stimulate release of tryptase and histamine from human colon mast cells and the potential mechanisms. METHODS Enzymatically dispersed cells from human colons were challenged with tc-LIGRLO, tc-OLRGIL, SLIGKV, VKGILS, trypsin, anti-IgE or calcium ionophore A23187, and the cell supernatants after challenge were collected. Tryptase release was determined with a sandwich ELISA procedure and histamine release was measured using a glass fibre… CONTINUE READING


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