Activation of factor XI by products of prothrombin activation.

  title={Activation of factor XI by products of prothrombin activation.},
  author={Anton G Matafonov and Suryakala Sarilla and Mao-fu Sun and John P Sheehan and Vladimir Serebrov and Ingrid M Verhamme and David Gailani},
  volume={118 2},
The prothrombinase complex converts prothrombin to α-thrombin through the intermediate meizothrombin (Mz-IIa). Both α-thrombin and Mz-IIa catalyze factor (F) XI activation to FXIa, which sustains α-thrombin production through activation of FIX. The interaction with FXI is thought to involve thrombin anion binding exosite (ABE) I. α-Thrombin can undergo additional proteolysis to β-thrombin and γ-thrombin, neither of which have an intact ABE I. In a purified protein system, FXI is activated by… CONTINUE READING

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