Activation of disease during therapy with alemtuzumab in 3 patients with multiple sclerosis

  title={Activation of disease during therapy with alemtuzumab in 3 patients with multiple sclerosis},
  author={Thomas Wehrum and L. Beume and O. Stich and I. Mader and M. M{\"a}urer and A. Czapliński and C. Weiller and S. Rauer},
  pages={e601 - e605}
Objective To report 3 patients with multiple sclerosis showing severe activation of disease during immunotherapy with alemtuzumab. Methods Retrospective case series. Results Patient 1, a 21-year-old woman, developed severe cognitive impairment, sight deterioration, severe gait ataxia, urinary retention, and extensive progression of cerebral lesion load, including new lesions that exhibited gadolinium ring enhancement and dominance of CD19/20-positive B lymphocytes, 6 months after induction of… Expand
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