Activation of calpain in lens: a review and proposed mechanism.

  title={Activation of calpain in lens: a review and proposed mechanism.},
  author={Mitsuyoshi Azuma and Chiho Fukiage and Larry L. David and Thomas R. Shearer},
  journal={Experimental eye research},
  volume={64 4},
The purpose of these experiments was to develop a hypothesis to explain activation of m-calpain in cataractogenesis observed in rodents. The in vitro model used to study m-calpain activation was to correlate breakdown of the 'reporter' protein alpha-crystallin with the appearance of activated m-calpain using protein sequencing and casein zymography. Incubation of alpha-crystallins with m-calpain and Ca2+ caused proteolysis of alpha-crystallins and accumulation of new polypeptides. E64 and… CONTINUE READING
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