Activation of TRPA1 by farnesyl thiosalicylic acid.

  title={Activation of TRPA1 by farnesyl thiosalicylic acid.},
  author={Michael P. Maher and Hong Ao and Tue G Banke and Nadia Nasser and Nyan-Tsz Wu and James Guy Breitenbucher and Sandra R. Chaplan and Alan D. Wickenden},
  journal={Molecular pharmacology},
  volume={73 4},
The nonselective cation channel TRPA1 (ANKTM1, p120) is a potential mediator of pain, and selective pharmacological modulation of this channel may be analgesic. Although several TRPA1 activators exist, these tend to be either reactive or of low potency and/or selectivity. The aim of the present study, therefore, was to identify novel TRPA1 agonists. Using a combination of calcium fluorescent assays and whole-cell electrophysiology, we discovered several compounds that possess potent, selective… CONTINUE READING
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