Activation of Passive Iron as a Model for the Excitation of Nerve

  title={Activation of Passive Iron as a Model for the Excitation of Nerve},
  author={K. F. Bonhoeffer},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={69 - 91}
The activation by cathodic polarization of passive iron in concentrated nitric acid (d = 1.4) has been investigated. 1. For short current pulses (1 msec. or less) a transient activation occurs when the product of current density and time exceeds a certain value. This limiting value is here designated as the "threshold." It is of the order of magnitude of 200 x 10(-6) coulomb/cm.(2). 2. After activation and repassivation the threshold is temporarily several times higher than before. This… CONTINUE READING


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