Activation of Na+/Mg2+ antiport in thymocytes by cAMP.

  title={Activation of Na+/Mg2+ antiport in thymocytes by cAMP.},
  author={Theodor G{\"u}nther and J{\"u}rgen Vormann},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={297 1-2},
Mg2+ efflux from Mg(2+)-loaded rat thymocytes was stimulated by 0.1 mM dibutyryl cAMP (db cAMP). The activation of Mg2+ efflux by db cAMP was more expressed at lower Mg(2+)-loading. cAMP induced only a very small increase in the concentration of intracellular free Mg2+ which cannot explain the activation of Na+/Mg2+ antiport. From these results it was concluded that cAMP increases the affinity of the Na+/Mg2+ antiporter for intracellular Mg2+, probably by phosphorylation. 
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