Activation and inhibition of ATP-sensitive K+ channels by fluorescein derivatives.

  title={Activation and inhibition of ATP-sensitive K+ channels by fluorescein derivatives.},
  author={J R de Weille and Melanie M{\"u}ller and Michael Lazdunski},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={267 7},
Fluorescein derivatives are known to bind to nucleotide-binding sites on transport ATPases. In this study, they have been used as ligands to nucleotide-binding sites on ATP-sensitive K+ channels in insulinoma cells. Their effect on channel activity has been studied using 86Rb+ efflux and patch-clamp techniques. Fluorescein derivatives have two opposite effects. First, like ATP, they can inhibit active ATP-sensitive K+ channels. Second, they are able to reactivate ATP-sensitive K+ channels… CONTINUE READING

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