Activation and characterization of the reovirus transcriptase: genetic analysis.

  title={Activation and characterization of the reovirus transcriptase: genetic analysis.},
  author={Dennis Drayna and Bernard Nathan Fields},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={41 1},
We studied the ability of chymotrypsin to activate the transcriptases of the three serotypes of reovirus. When we used conditions that reproducibly caused the activation of type 3 transcriptase by chymotrypsin alone, type 2 transcriptase was sometimes activated, and type 1 transcriptase was never activated. Using intertypic recombinants containing various combinations of genome segments from reovirus types 3 and 1, we showed that the M2 segment determined this difference. Biochemical… CONTINUE READING

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From touchdown to transcription: the reovirus cell entry pathway.

Current topics in microbiology and immunology • 2010
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