Activation and activators of TRPV1 and their pharmaceutical implication.

  title={Activation and activators of TRPV1 and their pharmaceutical implication.},
  author={Young-Ger Suh and Uhtaek Oh},
  journal={Current pharmaceutical design},
  volume={11 21},
TRPV1 is a channel expressed highly in small sensory neurons. TRPV1 is a ligand-gated, cation channel that is activated by heat, acid and capsaicin, a principal ingredient in hot peppers. Because of its possible role as a polymodal molecular detector, TRPV1 is studied most extensively. In mice lacking TRPV1, thermal hyperalgesia induced by inflammation is reduced, suggesting a role for mediating inflammatory pain. Activity of TRPV1 is modulated by actions of various kinases such as protein… CONTINUE READING