Activated protein C and ischemic stroke.

  title={Activated protein C and ischemic stroke.},
  author={John H. Griffin and Jos{\'e} Aneiros Fern{\'a}ndez and Dong Liu and Tong Cheng and Huang Guo and Berislav V Zlokovic},
  journal={Critical care medicine},
  volume={32 5 Suppl},
OBJECTIVE To summarize clinical observations, animal model experimentation, and in vitro studies that advance knowledge of the protein C system, including activated protein C (APC), in the setting of ischemic stroke. DATA SOURCE Narrative review of selected published primary basic and clinical literature from MEDLINE for 2000-2003. DATA SYNTHESIS Low levels of plasma APC and a poor response to APC in clotting assays may be markers or risk factors for ischemic stroke. Ischemia during routine… CONTINUE READING


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